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On Climate's Front Lines

Indigenous Peoples face disproportionate impacts from climate change—and are using traditional knowledge to address the threat.

Manatee Emergency

In the first three months of 2022, more than 475 of Florida’s West Indian manatees—the subspecies native to the state—perished, most dying of starvation.

Researchers Develop a Unique Tool to Study the Brain

Using a technique referred to as bioluminescent optogenetics or BL-OG, researchers, for the first time, have been able to simultaneously tap into both chemicals as well as light to manipulate brain cell activity in mice.

Give Them Two Aspirin

Painkillers could help lab animals cope with pain.

As part of this feature, also read about how UK and Canadian researchers explored novel ways to clean contaminated soil, address pollution in our homes and offices, and more.

From Armpit Cheese to Computer-Eating Bacteria

Researchers explore the role of design in the field of synthetic biology.

As part of this feature, also read about how US and UK researchers joined forces to tackle arsenic in groundwater, revive a tribal language, reduce air turbulence, and more.

Fenced Out

The impacts of the U.S.-Mexico border fence on wildlife

A Hunting Dilemma

How the Ute tribe strikes a balance between modern-day hunting and tribal traditions